Vineyards, Rotary Phones, Cloud ERP, Digital Transformation, Scientific American, and ERP Awards.

This vineyard owner (Eagle Tree Vineyard in Leesburg, VA) spent 25+ years in the telco industry. He proudly displays his rotary phone that works in the lobby.

Pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation for all kinds…

TikTok Script 1

Human history is a history of NETWORKS.

Roman Empire was a network where all roads led to Rome.

British Empire was a network of ships where the sun never set.

Religion, Nations, Family, and Companies are all networks aligned towards a set of common goals.

With computers…

I want to have a chat about your data. After your employees, data is the most important asset that you have. Data about your customers, partners, products — your key competitive advantage. Please respond with a simple YES/NO to these questions.

Your DATA is safe and not been kidnapped by…

Hotel California + Data Science + Too Late Architectures

Hotel California + Data Science + Too Late Architectures

Had an interesting discussion with some colleagues this week. We wanted to translate some complex concepts — AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Streaming Analytics, Predictive Analytics, API, Integration, Data Virtualization into a something that be communicated simply in a use case.

Japinder Singh

short bio, long physics, compact chemistry, big math

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