Weekend Ruminations — Oct3rd-2021

Vineyards, Rotary Phones, Cloud ERP, Digital Transformation, Scientific American, and ERP Awards.

This vineyard owner (Eagle Tree Vineyard in Leesburg, VA) spent 25+ years in the telco industry. He proudly displays his rotary phone that works in the lobby.

Pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation for all kinds of businesses, which in turn is accelerating cloud adoption.

In my conversations with customers, partners, and colleagues, I stress on not doing just a “Lift and Shift” to the cloud.

Spend some time thinking about the opportunity (business agility, improved capabilities, new offerings) that the cloud can help unlock.

What’s the point of moving a Rotary phone to the cloud ?. It will work, but we are missing out on the potential.

In the past 5+ years (Azure, AWS, GCP, and others) have fundamentally changed the life of software developers. These platforms offer all kinds of services/tools and provide a secure and scalable global platform. Software developers can build things faster and solve problems (new, old) and deploy them at scale.

How you solve a problem is sometimes as important as solving a problem. At Unit4, our Cloud ERPx showcases this. It takes our core DNA of creating mission-critical software for people-centric organizations and leverages that IP on Azure platform — MicroServices, Smart Automations, Data Science, Machine Learning, Enterprise Mesh, low code apps, APIs, mobile apps, support for hybrid architectures.

Unit4 customers get fast deployments and access to the latest innovation/offerings from Unit4, which are leveraging ongoing billions of dollars of innovation on the Azure platform. Customers get business agility, lower TCO, and true digital transformation. Not just a simple lift and shift.

It felt good to win the prestigious ERP award recently, as it validates Unit4 vision and capabilities.

I would also recommend reading this post on how we at Unit4 digitally transformed our offerings at Unit4.


Let the Rotary phones have their retired life at a vineyard in Leesburg, Virginia.

Apart from meeting Rotary phones, I also read a very cool article from Scientific American (oldest magazine in USA) about the latest innovations in math that would have amazed Issac Newton, Leibniz, Euler, and Gauss. Transformation is not just for software. Even math is evolving and improving.

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